Real Estate Winner Pathway

Real Estate Winner Pathway Do you like to play baseball, football, basketball, golf, bowling? What fun would be if you played and never kept score? When you don’t keep score you tend to lose complete focus on your goal of winning! The same can be true when investing.  If you don’t stay focused onto your [Continue Reading…]

Flipping Houses, Wholesaling, Private Money, Self Directed IRAs Q and A with Jim Ingersoll

This is from a facebook live where Jim Ingersoll Each question was submitted from Jim’s subscribers to his facebook group Join him on facebook in Real Estate Investor Success —> Click here   Jump start your investing.  Watch for future events where Jim will answer your investing questinos (Visited 49 times, 9 visits today)Please share [Continue Reading…]

Step by step Flipping Houses In Photos

     Step by step how flipping houses in photos By Jim Ingersoll Fixing and flipping houses is not for everyone. If you have never done it before I recommend you start with an easy one that needs only cosmetic updates like painting, flooring and easy kitchen and bath updates. Avoid big jobs that have a [Continue Reading…]

The Good, Bad And The Ugly of flipping houses

Flipping houses can be a great source of big chunks of income… but there  are a lot of moving parts that can create deals that are Good (Make a lot of money), Bad (Make a little money) OR Ugly (lose your shirt) Enjoy this video on the Good, Bad and Ugly of flipping houses!   [Continue Reading…]