The Good, Bad And The Ugly of flipping houses

Flipping houses can be a great source of big chunks of income… but there  are a lot of moving parts that can create deals that are

Good (Make a lot of money), Bad (Make a little money) OR Ugly (lose your shirt)

Enjoy this video on the Good, Bad and Ugly of flipping houses!



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  1. Chuck Liening says:

    Excellent video, I think you hit all the right points. I’m in the process of my own re-hab and I think I have done all the good and none of the bad so I don’t end up with a big ugly! Thanks so much for all you have done not only for me but the RE community.
    Have a Happy Easter.
    Your friend and student


  2. James Bischoff says:

    Thanks for being so down to earth and to the point on both sides of the deal, love to partner with you, just love you so much, many thanks, sincerely, Jim

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