Investing In Rentals In Detroit, Michigan w/ Tomie O’Neil

Enjoy this week’s Real Estate Success Podcast, with special guest, Tomie O’Neil as we discuss investing in rentals in Detroit, Michigan.           “Detroit is the best market in America For Investing In Rentals”  – Tomie O’Neil Discussion points: Buying rentals with a 3x price to rent ratio in Detroit, MI Bread & [Continue Reading…]

Is Section 8 Good For Investors?

Is Section 8 Good For Investors? That is a common question I hear all the time.  Some investors LOVE it and other investors HATE it!  How about you? Leave me your comments below please and share this posting with your contacts so we can hear from them as well. What is Section 8 Section 8 [Continue Reading…]

How to screen tenants

How to screen tenants Screening tenants is one of the most important things done when building your portfolio of income producing properties.  Do it right and your dreams come true but do it wrong and you create a nightmare! This is where every single tenant horror story begins, but the great news is that with [Continue Reading…]

5 Big Time Mistakes Landlords Make

“Trust, but verify” Ronald Reagan That saying from Reagan is especially true when dealing with tenants.  They often need a dose of truth serum, right?  Here are the top 5 mistakes landlords make.  Learn to avoid these mistakes and you will be on your way to becoming a great landlord. 1. Poor Tenant Screening The [Continue Reading…]

How to prepare a house to rent to tenants

How to prepare a house to rent to tenants? A common question is how much work do you do to a new purchase when your exit strategy is to rent the house. In this video I take you inside one of my rentals that we purchased in 2012 and you will see the work we [Continue Reading…]