Step by step Flipping Houses In Photos

     Step by step how flipping houses in photos

By Jim Ingersoll

Fixing and flipping houses is not for everyone. If you have never done it before I recommend you start with an easy one that needs only cosmetic updates like painting, flooring and easy kitchen and bath updates. Avoid big jobs that have a lot of moving parts with electricians, plumbers, roofers, changing floor plans, etc.


Here is one that we completed last year. As my wife Cheryl says this one was a “HOT MESS.”

Step 1 – Vision:

Are you able to see beyond the hot mess and develop a plan that buyers will love?

2014-02-08 10.35.55     2014-02-08 10.29.04
Notice that stucco siding? It is not appealing to most home buyers in this condition, but what could be done to it? Check out the master bedroom? Does “buy me” scream out at you?

Do you love the foyer?  First step in front door is critical to buyers.  How about this gorgeous kitchen? Can you see beyond this to create a positive mental image of what can be done for your buyers?  Would it open up if you remove the chimney on the back wall and relocated that water heater?

before kitch      flipping houses foyer


Step 2 – Begin working on your exteriors – Make sure you have a healthy roof, nice thermal windows, gutters and downspouts, maintenance free siding and nice outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing.

Vinyl siding is a challenge when stucco is involved. We built a new deck in the back to add the outdoor space. Because we sided the whole house, we were able to reconfigure where it is appropriate to have windows and doors.

2014-02-24 12.24.52              siding work

Completed exteriors with all new vinyl siding in wicker beige color, new front door that we always paint red, new back deck, all new thermal windows and a new torch down roof.

2014-03-22 12.54.40

  1. Demo – Interior start with demo. Get rid of the old but retain the charm when working on historic home built in the 1920’s. Can your vision take you from this demo phase to a final product yet?

2014-02-08 10.29.11  2014-02-08 10.29.23

demo living room

Looks like a war zone after demo, right?  Everyone loves these type of bank columns, French doors and historic fireplaces like the one in the dining.

4. Framing – Now is the time to frame any new areas you need to give future owners a nice master closet, etc.

 master closet framing  2014-02-25 10.16.32

 5. The trades – After demo you will want to have all your trades come through and rough in your electrical, mechanicals and plumbing. Next is a good time to insulate and prepare to drywall and revitalize your home!
rough in plumbing bathroom renovation

6. Drywall and finish – Once rough in is complete you can drywall, skim coat and prepare your walls for paint, wood trim and breathing new life into your old home.

2014-03-06 11.34.00

7. Paint – Finally, the house is being revived enough to receive fresh new paint for the ceilings, trim and walls! What is your favorite color paint? Leave me your answer in the comments section.

2014-03-07 10.43.41  2014-03-18 11.14.29

  1. Final trades – Time to hang the lights and finish up the trades.

Lighting for flipping houses  Flipping houses lighting
9. Install your ceramic floor and then Install your kitchen cabinets & Appliances

lazy susan flipping houses   appliances

Can you feel the transformation from hot mess into a really nice home?

10. Sand and finish your hardwood floors

2014-03-18 11.14.29

11. Finish up your bathrooms & final finishes throughout

Flippinghouses bathroom  Flipping houses kitchen

12.  Industrial strength cleaning and then staging

 2014-03-22 12.49.35  2014-03-22 12.48.39


  1. Market and sell – then do the happy dance at closing!


 Let’s go back and see the before and after photos one more time to pull it all together for you:

Living room:

 Flipping houses demo  2014-03-22 12.48.39

Remember that kitchen? What changes do you see? Leave me your comments on your observations!

 before kitch  Flipping houses kitchen

 Notice how we downsized the window on the left to fit the sink below it?  We got rit of the water heater, moved the range, took out the chimney and also built a pantry (no pic).


 2014-02-08 10.35.55  2014-03-22 12.54.40

In a major rehab there are always things you could do, but maybe budget won’t allow or maybe your market does not require.  The same is true on this house.  The bottom line is this house sold very fast with multiple offers.

How about you? Do you have the vision, the team and the knowledge to pull it off?

Want more info on how to do it —>     Click here for more info on fixing and flipping

 I hope you enjoyed these photos of flipping houses.

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  1. I love the feeling of transforming ugly properties into beautiful and cozy places to live. Neighbors love it too, because it brings up the value of their homes as well!

  2. Bill Turner says:

    Good stuff, Jim. This will go in my “how to” binder.

  3. THE bathroom is or isn’t number 1

  4. is ripping up the carpetson the hardwood floors

  5. Margie Davis says:

    Jim can you share how much you paid for this home , buget for renovation and then final sales price?


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