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Jim Ingersoll

Every GREAT real estate deal starts with a motivated seller!

Focusing first on connecting with motivated sellers is critical in today's market where it is getting tougher to find deals

If you want to succeed massively this year, learn to find deals!

This swipe file will give you the step by step process to finding motivated sellers and off-market real estate deals!

Jim is an excellent coach for your real estate business. Jim takes all his knowledge from locating properties, marketing to fill your pipeline, and networking for private funding in order to help you soar your real estate business to the next level and beyond..

Mark Meyers 

2 Years ago I was doing no deals & just left my job involuntarily. With Jim’s Coaching I have done tons of deals and create tons of cash flow with my rental portfolio in Chicago..

Jarred Kott 
Chicago, IL                 

Jim, your coaching provided me with the direction that we put into action, resulting in a tremendous success! I am very fortunate to have made your acquaintance to which I say THANK YOU.

Chris Mattingly 
Chesterfield, VA

Jim Ingersoll’s Coaching helped me structure creative financing with a self-directed IRA to fix up and flip a house, and it really worked….my FIRST DEAL made me $105,000 and I can’t wait to do this again! I highly recommend Jim to everyone.

Brian Benson