Self Directed IRA’s For Real Estate Investing

Self Directed IRA’s For Real Estate Investing Are you ready to take control of your own retirement future? Are you ready to begin to diversify your investments beyond the traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds? Do you have what it takes to invest how, where and when you want? Do you already know how to [Continue Reading…]

How To Build A Rental Portfolio In A Joint Venture

In my book, “Cash Flow Now,”  I capture a number of income streams that are possible when investing in real estate.  My favorite long-term investment is to simply buy and hold single family homes and enjoy the positive monthly cash flow.  The question is, how can you buy and hold investment real estate without needing [Continue Reading…]

Flipping Houses, Wholesaling, Private Money, Self Directed IRAs Q and A with Jim Ingersoll

This is from a facebook live where Jim Ingersoll Each question was submitted from Jim’s subscribers to his facebook group Join him on facebook in Real Estate Investor Success —> Click here   Jump start your investing.  Watch for future events where Jim will answer your investing questinos (Visited 49 times, 9 visits today)Please share [Continue Reading…]

How To Use Self-Directed IRAs For Private Lending w/ Quincy Long

Enjoy this week’s episode about being a private lender with special guest, H. Quincy Long         In this week’s Investor Success Podcast we discuss: What is a self directed IRA and when do they make sense? How can retirement accounts be used to fund real estate deals The importance of due diligence items when loaning [Continue Reading…]