Investing In Rentals In Detroit, Michigan w/ Tomie O’Neil

Enjoy this week’s Real Estate Success Podcast, with special guest, Tomie O’Neil as we discuss investing in rentals in Detroit, Michigan.           “Detroit is the best market in America For Investing In Rentals”  – Tomie O’Neil Discussion points: Buying rentals with a 3x price to rent ratio in Detroit, MI Bread & [Continue Reading…]

Preparing Your House Flipping, Wholesaling and Rental Businesses for Success with Vision, People and Systems

Enjoy this week’s podcast episode with special guest, Gary Harper of Sharper Processes, as we talk about creating an investing business that can grow quickly.         “Success starts with you picturing yourself as totally dominating your market and being extremely successful”  Gary Harper   In this week’s Investor Success Podcast we discuss: [Continue Reading…]