Five Years To Financial Freedom Investing In Free Houses with Justin Morales

In this week’s Real Estate Success podcast, your host, Jim Ingersoll talks to Justin Morales about finding Financial Freedom by investing in Free Houses. “Investing in 20 cap properties speeds up your path to retirement”  –  Justin Morales Discussion points: How to get out of the rat race investing for passive lifetime income streams What [Continue Reading…]

Investing In Rentals In Detroit, Michigan w/ Tomie O’Neil

Enjoy this week’s Real Estate Success Podcast, with special guest, Tomie O’Neil as we discuss investing in rentals in Detroit, Michigan.           “Detroit is the best market in America For Investing In Rentals”  – Tomie O’Neil Discussion points: Buying rentals with a 3x price to rent ratio in Detroit, MI Bread & [Continue Reading…]

How Section 8 Is Good For Investors and Landlords w/ Patti Robertson

In this week’s Investor Success Podcast show, with special guest, Patti Roberston,  we discuss using Section 8 to create cash flow for Landlords.             “Some landlords stick their noses up at Section 8 and that create more opportunities for me”  Patti Robertson Discussion Points: What is Section 8 and why [Continue Reading…]