Real Estate Investor Buying Formula

Real Estate Investor Buying Formula

The golden rule of real estate is you make $ Money $ when you buy!  So many people buying houses don’t understand this basic math that helps you make money on a fixer upper, investment property or on your way to become a landlord.   Watch the video below and take notes so you can buy houses at the right price!

1simple math

GOOD News!

Investor Math is EASY and not complicated.  Watch this video I prepared for you to learn the one essential Investors Buyer Formula that will establish your investing foundation and Make $$$ on your deals!  Don’ let your offer be complicated.  There are a few key things you MUST KNOW and from there you can easily determine your maximum offer to make on the house.

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Real Estate Investor Buying Formula.  It starts with understanding some fundamentals on price and costs and from there you can easily calculate your highest and maximum offer you can make on a house.


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  1. Gunnar Bartels says:

    Video does not work here …

  2. Barry Brown says:

    Video does not load.

    • Jim Ingersoll says:

      Got it! We exceeded our bandwidth due to all the views! We have added video bandwidth and Fixed it…

      thanks to all who emailed me!

  3. Naomi Pinger says:

    Still does not work.

  4. James Bischoff says:

    Hi Jim I seem to be having issues finding cash buyers, good deals,partners and good private money, I have a ten unit that Iam trying to get for 160K which is below comps@ 2% for 30 yr fix.I had a guy who said he would do that but all he could give me to prove that was a passport and a guy he said he closed a loan on out in CA which he had a telephone number which did get me this person.Another one was a person with a DBA that they sent that they were working with a partner that would get me a loan, both were at a good interest rate but I dont know, is this truthful can they be sincere and honest, I dont know whats is your thoughts, James ( Iam struggling with all this and every one else seems to do it with smoothness )

  5. Wally Roman says:

    Jk it worked now

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