How To Wholesale Houses To
Create BIG Pay Days!

Your fastest, easiest, least risk path to making
FAST money as an Investor!

Now is a great time to grab a cheap house & flip it right to another investor to create a Big Pay Day!

This training course will teach you the process from setting up your wholesaling business, finding motivated sellers, using the right contracts, finding buyers and closing the deal to get paid!

Just $97


Here is your wholesaling houses training outline:

Your step by step Deal Making Blueprint

  • How to all the Find Motivated Sellers You’ll Ever Need
  • How to Choose Your Market Area – This is critical and MOST wholesaling courses do not teach how to do it!
  • How to Create a “Bandit Sign” Campaign to Find Sellers
  • How to Find and Market to “Code Violators”How to Find and Market to “Burned-Out” Landlords
  • How to Build a Team of Reliable “Bird Dogs” Who Will Bring You Lots of Leads
  • How to Get Referrals From Social Media
  • How to Build Your Sellers List with
  • Direct Mail secrets : Marketing with Post Cards
  • Your “Yellow Letter” Marketing Campaign (10% to 15% response rate!)
  • How to Use Expired Listings: A Surefire Way to Find Motivated Sellers
  • Marketing to the Moving Masses (get leads from moving and storage companies)
  • Knocking on Doors for Seller Leads
  • Your Personal Marketing Plan for Finding Motivated Sellers
  • How to Work with Sellers & get them to sign your contract
  • How to Use Google Voice and Set Up Your Voice Mail Script
  • Your 5-Step Seller Phone Survey – Critical! Learn to screen and negotiate seller direct
  • How to Determine the Value of a House
  • How to Estimate Repairs in 15 Minutes
  • 10 Steps to Buying Directly From the Seller
  • How to Calculate Your Maximum Offer – Investor math made simple!
  • How to Control Houses Without Owning Them
  • How to flip Your Deal to an Investor
  • How to Market Your Deal to Investors
  • How to Build Your Buyers List FAST and EASY
  • How to Find All-Cash Buyers in Your Market
  • How to Collect Your Cash – Assignments, simultaneous closings and double closings made easy to understand!
  • All the Contracts and Forms You Need – Purchase with a parachute contract, option contract, sales contract, assignment contract & more…

The entire 30 video training course is delivered digitally so you can access it on your home computer or mobile device!

Just $97


It starts with finding GREAT DEALS, direct from motivated sellers…

…then flipping the house right to another cash-paying investor!

The great news is this can be done without needing cash, credit or a bank to buy and flip the house.

There are a number of things that MUST be done just right to capture the BIG pay-days and those are the secrets you will learn with this training! Today’s market is ripe with tons of cash buyers and they are struggling to find foreclosures which makes this the perfect storm for wholesalers to fill the need in today’s market.

You can learn the system that I personally use and have wholesaled hundreds of houses using.  If you are ready to create INCOME NOW to get out of debt, prepare for retirement, pay off your student loans or build cash reserves to buy some rental property then wholesaling is a great way to hit all your goals!

​Wholesaing is a a business that is in high demand.  Flippers and Landlords are struggling to find their deals and the wholesaler provides that valuable piece, the DEAL, and as a result can create really nice chunks of cash doing it!

You also get all the documents and contracts required along with scripts, screening techniques and negotiation secrets to get the deals done.

Just $97


This is the training I personally used to learn to wholesale. I followed it step by step. I found my very first wholesale deal from a bird dog. I used the contract in this course to put it under contract and quickly flipped it to another investor. within 2 weeks I had my first $11,000 pay-day from wholesaling!

Rich Lennon

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