Tax Sale Deals, Buying Houses from Highway Departments & More


Our guest for this podcast episode is Author and Entreprenuer David Krulac.

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David Krulac literally started with nothing and financed his first eleven property 100%. Today he is a full time real estate investor, speaker, author and broker. He has bought and sold over 900 properties for his personal portfolio. Beginning as a part-time investor with a busy, full-time career with out of state travel, he was able to accelerate his real estate holdings by purchasing in one year 39 properties, and selling 35, while having a full time non-real estate job. For 20 consecutive years he has averaging buying or selling about one property a month. He specializes in locating, researching, purchasing, improving and selling niche properties that others may overlook. His experience includes title searching, tax assessment appeals, zoning issues, soil perk testing and unusual real estate situations.


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Main topics discussed:

  • How David got started in real estate part time w/o having a good job and w/o having extra money
  • How he bought his first property from a highway department and lived there for free for six months
  • The process of buying houses at tax sale and a case study of a house he bought for $6500 and sold for $140k
  • recent purchases between 50% and 70% off list price
  • The power of referral marketing that has allowed him to buy many houses

Show Resources

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Check out David’s book

David Krulac’s book presents highlights of his real estate career, with overviews and lessons learned from some of his good deals, great deals, as well as bad deals.   His is a realistic and practical approach to buying, holding, flipping, and renting real estate, as well as doing subdivisions and land development. Having used over 20 major acquisition methods to find and purchase properties, David has extensive experience in Government Tax Sale Foreclosures, Sheriff Sales, Auctions, Multiple Listing Service MLS, Private Party Sales, For Sale By Owner FSBO, Estate/Probate, Sealed Bid Auctions, Word of Mouth, Veteran Affairs VA Foreclosures, Housing And Urban Development HUD Foreclosures, Pre-Foreclosures, Public Sale, State Owned Property, Property Not For Sale, Letter Solicitation, Life Estate Property, and Relocation Companies. He has bought many different classes of real estate investments including: Single Family Houses, Duplexes, Townhouses, Condominiums, Small Apartment Buildings, Scattered Vacant Lots, Farms, Wood Land, Waterfront, Mixed Use, Commercial, Landlocked, Failed Septic Test, Flood Plain, and Out of State property. His book is informative to both a novice as well as an experienced real estate investor.

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