Staging helps sell your house – Episode 58

In this week’s Real Estate Success podcast, your host, Jim Ingersoll talks Adila and Forrest Mchgee about the power of using staging to help sell your houses fast and sometimes for more money!









“Staging establishes the journey buyers take through your house”  –  Forrest Mcghee

Discussion points:

  • What is staging
  • How effective staging is designed before the house is staged
  • Why you want to incorporate color and texture
  • Incorporating both local items and international flavor into your staging plan
  • How to get the most out of your staging budget
  • How to find the right stager for your house







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  1. Ernie Parnell says:

    For buying or selling house, it really important to take advice from a real estate person. I agree with you on How to get the most out of your staging budget. Thanks for sharing..!!

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