Real Estate Motivation Swinging For Deals

Real Estate Motivation Swinging For Deals

Here is your real estate motivation for this week!!  Whether you think you can or you think can’t you are right.  Lets get you focused and motivated for real estate success this week.

Remember this saying this week if you start to doubt yourself, someone says you don’t have what it takes or that you are not able invest in real estate without money!

We all fight through self-doubt.  Personally I have spent the last several weeks at Physical Therapy recovering from my hip replacement.  The first time I went in I could barely walk or lift my leg at all.  My Physical therapy team  at Bon Secours (Sara, Zachry and Madison) pushed me quickly outside my own comfort zone.  Sara continually asked me to try to do things I did not believe I could do.  I remember her asking me to try and balance on my surgical leg, step onto a box, do sideways steps across the floor with resistance bands, and lift my leg to stretch my hip flexor til it hurt a ton!  So many times I really doubted I could do what they asked me to do.  At first I would struggle and feel the pain, but with time, practice and persistence it would get easier each and every time I did it!

This week I interviewed Julie Karvelis for my Investing Success Podcast and I asked if she remembered what it was like when she transitioned full time to real estate.  The word FEAR quickly came out.  She still remembers it to this day, even though it was 10 years ago and she has flipped a crazy amount of houses since she did it!  It is ok to have FEAR when jumping outside your comfort zone!

The important thing is to not let it paralyze you into NO ACTION!

I hope you enjoy this real estate motivation video!  Figure out where you are at and be brave to cross the lines outside your comfort zone this week!

comfort zone

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Don’t think you are alone!  All of us had some concerns on the first few deals we completed!  Ready to take the bat off your should and make it happen?   You have to take a swing in order to get a base hit or maybe a home run!

Start with where you are at right now, build on it and get some momentum this week!  I hope you enjoy this real estate motivation video and you get yourself moving this week!

Here is this weeks secret recipe for success:

  1.  Knowledge – You have to know what a deal is and how to find it.
  2.  Action – You have to decisive and ready to take action when you find your deal

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  1. Great Video #WellSaid

  2. Thanks Jim! This is a great motivating message for all of us. Great start to Monday morning!

  3. Great video. I am going to start reading all the information on your site. Hopefully it is just as informative and motivating.

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