5 Ways To Build Your Wholesaler Buyers List And Community To Be A buying machine for your deals

5 Ways To Build Your Wholesaler Buyers List And Community To Be A buying machine for your deals

Position yourself as the local leader who can be the connector to investors for funding, contractors, title agencies and every resource a flipper or landlord needs. When you are positioned as the local expert everyone will come to you for their deals. Think of it as giving first and give away resources, connections, local information, etc.

“If you want to do a lot of real estate wholesale deals you need to develop a strong buyers list and community.”
Jim Ingersoll”

Notice I did not say you need a Massive, huge list but a strong list.

Start with finding out who the 5 most active landlords and 5 most active flippers are in your market.

How can you find that out?

  1.  Network building –   One place to begin building your network is at your local investor club meetings.  Many cities have more then one club and you should join each of them.  You should also join your local apartment owners association.  Network to begin building your list and asking members if they are buying houses, where they like them and what price points they like to invest in.  Then ask them if the want to join your VIP buyers list.  When they agree to join your VIP buyers list be sure to get their name, email and phone.  Ask them if you can email and text them the next time you have a red-hot deal.

 Enjoy this short video below to learn more:


2.  bandit signs. I know a high volume wholesaler that did their first 500 wholesale deals strictly building their list with bandit signs

Grab some blank signs at your local Home Depot and write on them:

“Dirt Cheap House For Sale



“Investor Special For Sale


Fixer Upper – Great Deal

Use the giant size markers they sell at Home Depot and be sure to place the signs in yards near houses you are wholesaling and other vacant properties nearby.


3.  Craigslist

Post ads onto craigslist with photos of your fixer upper and ask buyers to contact you for info on the house or to join your VIP Buyers list.

4.  Gosection8.com –  This is a great site to both buy houses from and to also build your buyers list.

Do a search for your city, then simply call/text and email the landlords with property they are renting.  Ask if they plan to buy more section 8 properties this year.  If so, then add them to your buyers list and if not, ask them if they want to sell the rental they have vacant right now and buy the house from them 🙂

5.  Hard Money Lenders –   Hard Money Lenders have funds to lend and sometimes their borrowers struggle to find property.  Build a relationship with each hard money lender in your area, take them to lunch and ask them to connect you with their borrowers.  You supply the house, they supply funds and you can start wholesaling a lot more houses this way.  You will also be able to connect your remaining list to the hard money lender to reciprocate their help and it is win-win relationship that way.


How about you?

What do you struggle with?  What are your fears and concerns with wholesaling?

What works well?

Please leave me your comments and share this with your social media contacts.

Jim Ingersoll




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