Will Real Estate Go Up Or Down? Predicting The Market w/ David Phelps

Enjoy this week’s Investor Success Podcast, with special guest, David Phelps as we discuss how to prepare for coming changes to the real estate market cycle.








“The greatest risk in life is doing nothing.”  -David Phelps

Discussion points:

  • All markets move in cycles including the stock market and real estate market
  • In 1980 when David did his first deal interest rates were 13.5% and he still could cash flow
  • Pre-2008 we had a strong economy, low unemployment and low national debt
  • Market cycled strong with government back loans which led to stated income loans, no doc loans and the sub-prime mortgage creation
  • Stocked dropped 40% in one week and the real estate market began to collapse
  • Today we have massive debt of nearly 20 Trillion, live on a fiat currency and no gold standard that allows the federal reserve to print as much money as they need while keeping interest rates artificially lower then ever before
  • Equity and cash flow positioning is now important again.  Do you want to invest in $200k – $300k houses that may rent for $1800 per month and hope they go up in value or invest in $100k houses that will continue to rent for $1200 per month?


David’s success tips include learning about leadership, systems, communication and culture.  He has been reading some of Henry Cloud’s books.



From High Income To High Net Worth For Dentists: The Ultimate Guide To Gain Freedom In Your Life With More Time Off, Less Stress, & Security And Peace Of Mind by [Phelps DDS, David]

Our Guest:

Dr. David Phelps owned and managed a private practice dental office for over twenty-one years. While still in dental school, he began his investment in real estate by joint-venturing with his father on their first rental property in 1980. Three years later, they sold the property and David took his $25,000 capital gain share and leveraged it into thirty-one properties that produced $15,000 net cash flow fifteen years later.
Multiple health crises suffered by his daughter, Jenna (leukemia, epilepsy and a liver transplant at age 12), caused David to leave practice so that his time could be spent with his daughter. Unfortunately, a divorce and failed practice sale provided additional set backs that he had to work through.
Today, David is a nationally recognized speaker on creating freedom, building real businesses and investing in real estate. He authors a monthly newsletter, “Path to Freedom” and hosts “The Dentist Freedom Blueprint” podcast. Freedom Founders Mastermind Community has grown to over fifty members, providing the pathway to freedom for many professional practice owners.


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