Buying and selling options on real estate with Jack Shea

Jack Shea






On this special episode of the Investor Success podcast, I interview long-time investor Jack Shea. Jack is a licensed Realtor and Mortgage Broker. He has done syndications and mobile home development. He also has bought and sold mortgages and notes on real and personal property. Jack Shea has concentrated on buying and selling options on real estate, and has been an investor in single-family and mobile homes. Jack operates a 1031 exchange facilitator business with his wife, Merle, and his son Daniel.


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Main topics discussed:

  • Jack’s success tip of what helped him become successful by aligning himself with the right educators and investing in himself
  • Benefits of owning investment properties include: Income (rent/note), Tax depreciation, Capital gains, Use and Occupancy
  • What is depreciation
  • How to avoid the capital gains tax by utilizing 1031 exchanges
  • The magic formula of buying wholesale and selling retail
  • Creative deal structuring
  • What a land trust is and why you want to begin using it to remove the target from your back
  • Is it possible for busy people to have a work/life balance?
  • Why you need a financial friend network



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