How George Washington Created Cash Flow After Being President!

Do you know what our 1st President did after being President?

He learned to create cash flow!

When he was done leading our Country he had to do something!  Could he start speaking?  Writing books?  Sure, but why not create real, lasting cash flow!

He opened a distillery next to his gristmill at his Mount Vernon home.
Washington whiskey

Did he have previous experience in distillery’s… No.

Did he go to school be a distillery owner….  No.

He distilled his whiskey and sent it to nearby Alexandria, VA which then created nice CASH FLOW for him!


And that is good news for you.

You don’t have to have previous real estate experience to become a great investor AND you won’t find the information needed at a local University!

Are you ready to create your own cash flow and take control of your future?


Are y0u wanting to retire early, pay off your debt, pay off your house or get ready to send your kids to a great college?


Would it help to flip an extra house each year or add some rentals or invest in some notes to create extra income?

Now is the time to make it happen so I am inviting you to our Real Estate Investing Boot Camp (click below)


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I will help you establish your plan to meet your goals and get the results you certainly deserve!!!


I am getting quite a few emails each week from our investor community.  Some tell me how the things I am teaching are working and others are asking questions…



I took 5 of the questions and have answered them in video format for you.



I picked these 5 questions specifically because they are diverse:


Click image below to watch the answers now.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 11.27.22 AM







The questions are:

  1.  How to manage bird dogs
  2. Contractor put a lien on my flip
  3. Can I wholesale an apartment complex?
  4. Can I use my retirement savings as a down payment for my hard money lender


Do you have an investing question? 


Leave it in the comments section below or email me direct:



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