How to use bandit signs video

How to use bandit signs video

There are right ways and wrong ways to use bandit signs for real estate investing.  There are easy ways to run your marketing campaign and there are hard ways to run your campaign.

Enjoy this short video that discusses the right way and the easy way to market with signs.

Catch the keys to your marketing campaign?

  1.  Place a lot of them in a small diameter area
  2. Place them in the right places to avoid code violations
  3. Out-source your placement so you do not have to do it


This is an effective form of marketing and if you place 30-40 of them in a 1/2 mile diameter of your target location your phone will begin to ring with sellers.  Be sure to get the 18×24 chloro plast signs.  Be sure to not violate local code when putting them out and consider leveraging your time by paying someone else to place them for you.

bandit sign

Have you tried them?  Leave me your comments below, share this video blog and let me know your experiences using bandit signs.


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