How To Put 5k to 10k In Your Bank Account Using Lease-Options w/ Jim Aydelotte

In this week’s Investor Success Podcast episode, your host Jim Ingersoll talks about using Lease Options to earn 5k to 10k with special guest, Jim Aydelotte           “Real Estate Options are incredibly powerful”  Jim Aydelotte Discussion Points: What is a lease-option? How to put a check into your account in the [Continue Reading…]

How To Become A Successful Landlord w/ John Nuzzolese

Enjoy this week’s Investor Success Podcast, with special guest, John Nuzzolese as we discuss how to become a Successful Landlord.           “95% of tenant problems can be eliminated in the screening process.”  -John Nuzzolese   Discussion points: What are the keys to becoming a Landlord? Why is screening so important? Landlord [Continue Reading…]