100 Closings In 100 Days w/ Wayne Sheaffer

Enjoy this week’s podcast episode with special guest, Wayne Sheaffer, as we discuss how to achieve great success in a short amount of time.         “You can cut down a tree with an axe, but a chain saw is a lot faster”  Wayne Sheaffer “Create a business like a Dairy Farm, not [Continue Reading…]

How To Establish Your Investing Path w/ Jim Ingersoll

This week’s Investor Success Podcast focuses in on what you MUST do to establish the future you want as a result of investing in real estate.         “If we did the things we were capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves”  Thomas Edison   Discussion Points: How to plan your next [Continue Reading…]

Adventures In Mobile Home Investing w/ Rachel Hernandez

Enjoy this week’s podcast episode with special guest, Rachel Hernandez, as we talk about Adventures in Mobile Home Investing.             “Find your Why and then build your business around it”  Rachel Hernandez Discussion Points: How to do your due diligence with mobile home parks The importance of trust with Park [Continue Reading…]

How To Start Investing In Multi-family Apartments w/ Joe Fairless

In this week’s The Investor Success Podcast show, with special guest, Joe Fairless, we talk about going from single family homes to buying apartment complexes.               Why losing your job accelerates an Entrepreneur How investing in apartments allows you to scale up quickly and without limits Which do you [Continue Reading…]

Wealth Building and Tax Strategies w/ Mary Hart

In this week’s Investor Success Podcast, with special guest, Mary Hart, we talk about tax strategies and wealth building           Destructive force of taxation and negative impact it has on compound interest Time value of money Basis, depreciation recapture and the impact of capital gains taxes when real estate is sold [Continue Reading…]