Success with real estate relationships

Success with real estate relationships

Real Estate is not for Lone Rangers but the good news is that it is Team Sport!

You need contractors, legal team for closings, tenants, buyers, referrals for buying houses, etc.

The one big take away for 2016 is your success will vary based on your ability to build trusting, strong relationships.  Jim Rohn was right when he said you become the average of the 5 people you associate with the most.  Write down the names of the 5 people you most associate with and see if this is true!

In order for you to succeed you need to associate with great people who can help you succeed, who can help you fund a deal with a phone call, who can help you with some advice when you are stuck.  Check out this video I made for you on this topic and start moving in the direction of strengthening key relationships for 2016!








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