Sky Rocket Your Cash Flow !!!
With Seller Financing

1.  Subject to - Take over the payments

2.  Lease Option - Obtain the right, but not obligation to buy

3.  Owner Carry - Easy to use Ninja Creative Financing!

Watch the video below to see how to use Seller Financing:

deal maker seller finance graphic

Learn how to do Subject to deals, owner carry deals and lease options!

All in one-place! Delivered digitally so you can start learning right NOW!

Just $97 (Limited time only)

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rich-lennonLearning to become a deal maker and creatively structure financing has opened up a whole new level of my investing models to Capitalize on deals for cash flow and equity

~ Rich Lennon, Richmond Virginia

Investors who rely on on brokers & bankers are struggling big time…

Investors who find their own deals & structure seller financing are succeeding massively!

Learn how to do Subject to deals, owner carry deals and lease options! All in one-place! Delivered digitally so you can start learning right NOW!

  • ​Are you ready for the best paying gig in real estate?  Tired of begging for loans at the bank?
  • Want to learn to find your own off-market deals and get sellers to financing them for you?
  • Ready to control real estate without having to own it?
  • Sick of hearing the words “You don’t qualify for a mortgage”
  • Frustrated with not being able to scale your rental portfolio?

The good news is that now you can learn to find and get seller financing direct from the owner of the house you are buying.

The key is to understand how to structure the deal!

Deal Maker Seller Financing

deal maker seller finance graphic

Here is the Deal Maker Seller Financing Training Outline. You get on-line video training and all supporting documentation to make your deals direct with sellers.

This entire deal maker training is just $97 for a limited time only. The training system includes video training and a complete set of documents needed to complete your deals.

I. Owner-Carry Financing

Finding sellers with plenty of equity who want a fair price offer will often times take seller financing. The key is to structure it so that it meets there needs.

  • Intro to Owner Carry Financing and making deals with sellers
  • 6 Creative real estate seller financing offers you can make
  • How to structure the financing & make multiple offers

II. Subject to investing

Buying houses but leaving the existing financing in-place, essentially taking over payments for the owner.

  • Intro to understanding subject to deals and how they work
  • How to find sub 2 deals – Marketing the right way to find the right motivated sellers who NEED debt relief!
  • Subject 2 documentation – All the forms and docs you need to do the deals!
  • Closing the deal.

III. Lease option investing

Controlling real estate without formal ownership can be a great strategy.

  • How to find Lease option deals
  • Lease option documentation
  • Lease options – how to close the deals

Just $97 (Limited time only)

100% Money Back Guarantee

Secure Checkout

Jim – Thanks for your help in teaching me how to structure seller financing on 2 town homes. Knowing how to put the deal together helped me create on-going cash flow and equity with the seller financing at 2% interest

Anto Yauwanta, Kentucky


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