What you can and can not do with a Real Estate IRA

What you can and can not do with a Real Estate IRA


The Self‐directed IRA is perfect for the investor who is prepared to make his/her own investments outside the arena of stocks, bonds, CD’s and mutual funds. The types of investments that are possible with a self‐directed IRA extend to the following:

Real Estate – Residential single family, multi-family, mobiles on land, commercial property and raw land

Notes, Deeds of Trust and mortgages – secured with real estate, unsecured, automobiles, etc.

Foreign currency – investing in the exchange rate between the US and other currencies

Oil and Gas – Production, royalties, mineral rights, etc.

Precious metals including gold and silver – Hedge against all political, social and other influences

Private and Public Stock – Venture capital type investments

Tax lien certificates – Investing in tax delinquent real estate

Many other alternate investments – If you are ready to jump-start your retirement and give it new life for 2012, then you will want to consider jumping into some alternate investments that are not tied to the traditional stock market. There are a lot of great opportunities in each of these alternate investment classes. For instance, if you can learn to invest in real estate and mortgages, you can find investments that are returning 6–15% annually.

Watch this video of H. Quincy Long going through the details of prohibited transactions when using a self directed IRA.


Prohibited Transactions for Self-Directed IRAs include the following that were highlighted in the video above

There are some prohibited transactions associated with a self-directed IRA and I will highlight a few of the big ones for you:

• Collectibles such as stamps, antiques and rugs
• Life insurance
• Alcoholic beverages
• Lend money to yourself (IRA holder)
• Profit from investments must go back to IRA account
• Transactions with disqualified people including: Self, Spouse, Parents, Children


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