Swinging For Real Estate Deals

Swinging For Real Estate Deals

In the first video on making deals and getting deals flowing we talked about self limiting thoughts preventing your from moving forward.  In this video I talk about taking your first swing for a deal and also challenge you to do more deals by adding a zero to your deal flow.

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If you are doing 4, 6, or 8 wholesale deals you should consider adding the zero and make a plan to do 40, 60 or 80 deals this year.  I also talk about some practicals ways you can start to get comfortable talking to sellers and working towards your first deal.


What is it that prevents you from taking a swing for a deal?

Lack of knowledge?
Lack of cash?
Lack of motivation?

It is something for all of us, take a real look and ask yourself WHY and then work out a plan to take the bat off your shoulders and swing for a base hit or home run deal!  Discover your number 1 reason you can’t swing and then just eliminate it!  Do whatever you absolutely have to do in order to get more deals done this year!  This can be your best year ever if you focus and take massive action on your real estate deals!

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