Podcast with Mrs. Landlady on Evictions and Collect Back Rent

Podcast with Mrs. Landlady on Evictions and Collect Back Rent

Being a landlord is the biggest small business in the world.  There is tremendous opportunity being a landlord but also a lot of responsibility to maintain your property and collect your rent each month.  On average landlords own their rental property 5 years which means they have 60 payments to collect while they own the property.

In Chicago alone there are over 45,000 evictions each year and the total back rent owed to landlords is in the Billions yet, most landlords never do anything to go back and collect that money owed to them.  In this episode you learn the path to not being the average landlord and leaving money behind following an eviction!  You learn the path to collecting back rent.



In this episode we cover the following:

  1.  Three steps to evict a tenant
  2. How much back rent is owed to landlords
  3. How the post judgement process works & How to get it
  4. What a debtors exam is and why it matters
  5. Judgement assignment niche business
  6. Solutions to collecting back rent

Resources:  www.collectbackrent.com

About our guest today:

Cynthia Schmidt is dedicated to helping landlords succeed! She and her husband Gary have been landlords for over 20 years! They know the feeling of tenants making excuses and trying to find creative ways to not pay rent! They have also gone back to court with their own tenants and have over 90 satisfied judgments and collected over $200,000 in back rent.


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