Negotiating for Realtors, Brokers and Real Estate Investors

Negotiating for Realtors, Brokers and Real Estate Investors

Negotiating is one key skill that every realtor, broker, developer, investor and property manager needs to have.  Really everyone needs to become a great negotiator to enjoy life and learn to get what you really want out of it.  Buyers and listing agents negotiate contracts and addendum’s all the time on behalf of their clients.  The best ones are able to get the most for their clients.  Investors are always negotiating with motivated sellers, contractors, tenants and so on.






In this episode we cover the following tips and strategies to help you become a better negotiator without stressing over anything:

  • Collaborative negotiating
  • The importance of preparation of who you are working with and the property you are working on
  • PFA – Pull it from the air (why this does not work)
  • How to make your numbers sound so much better
  • Creating urgency with deadlines
  • Inserting humor where appropriate
  • Nibbling towards your goal
  • How to flinch and win
  • Reciprocity works
  • How to negotiate repairs on houses
  • How to negotiate in everyday life



About our guest today:

Tim Burrell has been involved with real estate his whole life.  He has broker licensed in North Carolina and California since 1979.  He currently lives in the Raleigh, NC area where the local real estate market is very strong.  He has done all types of transactions including short sales, REO listings from asset manageres, luxury home marketing, investor sales, relocations and regular everyday real estate deals.  Tim has been a developer and contractor of land, custom built homes and sub-divisions.  He also received his Law Degree from UCLA and practiced as a trial Lawyer back in the 1970’s.

Tim has authored 2 books, both available on Amazon.  He is a member of the Re/Max Hall of Fame and has been a guest speaker the Re/Max National Convention events.

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