Real Estate Gentrification Investing

Investing in gentrification to maximize your returns

If you can time the market just right you can make bank investing.  That was the theme of a recent investing presentation I watched and it was fully supported with loads and loads of West Coast data.  It was the most complete economic, data driven presentation on real estate values that I have seen.

However, there is another strategy that can help you tremendously and that is investing in gentrification.  Watch this short video I took for you during a recent trip to Nashville and leave me all your thoughts on investing in the comments below!

Gentrification is happening in  many  many metro areas.  It is a form of forced market appreciation that investors can take advantage of with the right investing criteria.  It is generally a trend that results in increased property values as a result of shifting urban neighborhoods primarily being driven by young people and the Gen X generation.


Investing in real estate gentrification

If you want to find your local areas that are gentrifying you can watch for local revitalization areas, economic developments that result in new housing and mixed use communities.  Look for projects such as condo conversions, new construction luxury apartments and lots of single family homes being rehabbed.

If you can find your local areas that are starting to gentrify and then buy/hold assets you can do extremely well.  To find them, you need to be in-tune with your local community and watch the developments taking place.  Look for a core urban movement, new luxury apartments, condos and mixed use projects that nicely combine retail, commercial and housing developments.


How about your local area?  Where is your gentrification opportunity to short cut your path to reaching your net worth goals?  Leave me your comments below!

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