How To Use Virtual Assistants And Grow Your Real Estate Deal Flow

How To Use Virtual Assistants And Grow Your Real Estate Deal Flow

Are you ready to outsource yourself and grow your deal flow?

Once you have a profitable investing model it is time to outsource yourself to grow your deal flow.  Enjoy this 2:17 video where I show you how to take the first step in hiring and using a Virtual Assistant.

I want you to be able to grow your deal flow and most investors are nervous about taking this step so I understand completely.  Find something easy that you repeat each and every single day and then outsource it to a VA.  Try it, it is not painful in fact it can be completely liberating as you pay a VA so you can focus on “Bigger” things this week!


You may have some questions or some comments and I will answer them so leave them in the comments below and check back for my response.

Resources from video:

Coaching with Jim

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  1. Vickie Hicks says:

    Is it okay if I were hire family members, who are already in the construction business to work for me when renovating foreclosure homes?
    How can I negotiate a price with my Landlord when it comes to purchasing the property that I live at, so that I can remodel the house and the land? I know that there is a huge tree in the front yard that either needs to be removed or something because the roots are showing above ground, and that is not good for the tree. Please give me any advice about this please. I will also need some help getting the financing to do this project as well. If you have any ideas, I am open to them.

  2. There are many real estate investors wanting to grow their business, but so few seem to be successful in doing so. Building successful valuable businesses is about creating and automating processes and workflows. That means having a business that run’s even if you are NOT around. Does this happen overnight?

  3. Yasir Malik says:

    Hi, Great stuff!! I am a real estate virtual assistant providing services to investors so they can leverage their time and energy on the highest priority tasks. To find out more, email me or search Yasir Malik with Virtual Stars Real Estae Support Company. By the way I am one of the top producer guy in my field! Checkout testimonials on my LinkedIn profile. Let’s connect!

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