How to screen tenants

How to screen tenants

Screening tenants is one of the most important things done when building your portfolio of income producing properties.  Do it right and your dreams come true but do it wrong and you create a nightmare!

horrible tenants

This is where every single tenant horror story begins, but the great news is that with a few tools you can feel confident to do it right.  This video is from our Deal Maker Boot Camp and is about 4 minutes of practical advice on screening tenants.  It starts with knowing what you expect from tenants:  Pay the rent on-time, take care of our assets (houses) and generally only call for legitimate needs.

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How to screen tenants for your rentals.  I like to start the screening the moment the phone rings.  It is amazing how much you learn by asking questions when a tenant calls.  Did you know that some tenants are incredibly great liars?  Learn to tell who is telling the truth and who is not telling the truth before they move into your home.

This video clip is from my “Deal Maker Boot Camp,”  Want more info?

How to screen tenants

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