How to create a 6 point multi-touch direct mail campaign

In this week’s Real Estate Success podcast, your host, Jim Ingersoll talks with Zach Braunel about what is working right now with Direct Mail!  Things working 1-3 years ago have stopped working but the good news is technology has allowed direct mail to change!









“Consistent and dialed in direct mail process is how to succeed”  –  Zach Braunel

Discussion points:

  • Targeting absentee owner pain point
  • Secret recipe for a successful 6 touch direct mail campaign
    • For absentee owners – mail once per month in the middle of the month
    • For Notice of defaults – mail once per week
    • Mailing #1 – Letter Head Typed letter delivered in an invitation sized, hand addressed envelope
    • Mailing #2 – Letter head typed letter delivered in an invitation sized, hand addressed envelope (Use a different color envelope)
    • Mailing #3 – Letter with invitation styled envelope AND include an emotional tie such as a before and after photo of a house you worked on
    • Mailing #4 – Post Card with bright color stock and a simple message to contact you (phone/website)
    • Mailing #5 – Formal letter, but use an envelope that has some flowers or birds on the perimeter AND insert a magnet with your contact on it
    • Mailing #6 – Post Card – Bright card stock and a message creating urgency and scarcity of offer


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