How To Grow Your Wholesale Buyers List

How To Grow Your Wholesale Buyers List

I have spoken with a lot of wholesalers recently and many are having their best year ever.

How about you?  Maybe now is a time to strengthen and grow your wholesale buyers list.

Enjoy this short video with some quick tips on how to do it.


Are you ready to do more wholesale deals?

The key to doing a lot of deals is building and managing your buyers list and community.  Position yourself as the local leader who can be the connector to investors for funding, contractors, title agencies and every resource a flipper or landlord needs.

When you are positioned as the local expert everyone will come to you for their deals.  Think of it as giving first and give away resources, connections, local information, etc.

Also know your community.

Know who on your list is a landlord and who is a flipper.

Know who buys on the south side, who buys only on the west end, who buys inner city dirt cheap, oldest homes in your city, know who wants to be closer to better schools.

Know how much they pay, know how they fund, how strong their contractor teams are.

That’s right, you have to know your buyers.  Once you do this is just another order fulfillment business.

Someone places an order for a house and you deliver it every dumpstertime!








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