Determining the price point you should target on your investments

Price point matters when you are looking at deals!

If you are struggling to find deals you maybe targeting real estate that is too expensive, in too nice of an area or too nice a subdivision.  Instead of searching the best neighborhoods you may need to move inward where there is blight, boarded windows and high grass in neighborhoods!

Are you ready to take my challenge and go inner city to find some deals?

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Drive to where you see dumpsters at houses being rehabbed, find those houses with boards over the windows, high grass and blight.  Get out and talk to the neighbors and ask them who owns the boarded up houses and track down those sellers.  The neighbors are typically very happy to help because rehabbing houses make neighborhoods nicer and safer for everyone!

There is an affordable housing crisis in our country, why not take a step toward solving it?  One way you can participate is by working to make the property in cheaper neighborhoods a lot nicer.  It starts by taking action, finding a seller and solving problems in these neighborhoods one house at a time.

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  1. Kimberly Stewart says:

    That’s very true Jim! And when you go less expensive, the end product is more affordable to the general public!

  2. Stephen Fryer says:

    Great advice Jim. Lots of less expensive housing in inner city neighborhoods, especially in the rust belt. But just because you find a house for 30K doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy it. Run the numbers to make certain it makes financial sense, providing both appreciation and a decent ROI.

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