How To Put 5k to 10k In Your Bank Account Using Lease-Options w/ Jim Aydelotte

In this week’s Investor Success Podcast episode, your host Jim Ingersoll talks about using Lease Options to earn 5k to 10k with special guest, Jim Aydelotte           “Real Estate Options are incredibly powerful”  Jim Aydelotte Discussion Points: What is a lease-option? How to put a check into your account in the [Continue Reading…]

Flipping Houses, Wholesaling, Private Money, Self Directed IRAs Q and A with Jim Ingersoll

This is from a facebook live where Jim Ingersoll Each question was submitted from Jim’s subscribers to his facebook group Join him on facebook in Real Estate Investor Success —> Click here   Jump start your investing.  Watch for future events where Jim will answer your investing questinos (Visited 49 times, 9 visits today)Please share [Continue Reading…]

Coaching & Mastermind with Jim Ingersoll

“The Investor Success Mastermind was brain power enticing!  Filled with great real estate tips to enhance deal flow and cash flow.” John Morey Are you ready to short-cut your path to more deals this year? Check out what our members have been saying and connect with me at:   “The Success Mastermind helped me [Continue Reading…]

Massive Success in Real Estate in 2017

Are you prepared for a successful year ahead? If you don’t have your own vision and plan then you’ll have to settle for someone else’s, and I don’t want that to happen to you this coming year. So, what is the magic pixie dust for real estate success? What is the magic formula to HUGE [Continue Reading…]

Adventures In Mobile Home Investing w/ Rachel Hernandez

Enjoy this week’s podcast episode with special guest, Rachel Hernandez, as we talk about Adventures in Mobile Home Investing.             “Find your Why and then build your business around it”  Rachel Hernandez Discussion Points: How to do your due diligence with mobile home parks The importance of trust with Park [Continue Reading…]