Buying and selling options on real estate with Jack Shea

          On this special episode of the Investor Success podcast, I interview long-time investor Jack Shea. Jack is a licensed Realtor and Mortgage Broker. He has done syndications and mobile home development. He also has bought and sold mortgages and notes on real and personal property. Jack Shea has concentrated on [Continue Reading…]

Overcoming Contractor Problems When Starting To Invest

Overcoming Contractor Problems When Starting To Invest One point of anxiety for beginning investors is dealing with contractors. How to find reliable contractors… How to get them to quote… How to pay them as work progresses… Did you miss Part 1 in this series?  Click here to watch part 1 now Enjoy Part 2 of [Continue Reading…]

Step by step Flipping Houses In Photos

     Step by step how flipping houses in photos By Jim Ingersoll Fixing and flipping houses is not for everyone. If you have never done it before I recommend you start with an easy one that needs only cosmetic updates like painting, flooring and easy kitchen and bath updates. Avoid big jobs that have a [Continue Reading…]